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Ride With Me


Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Where they at
Come on now

If you wanna go and take a ride wit me
We're 3-wheelin in the 4 with the gold d's
Oh, why do I live this way
(hey) (must be the money)

In the club on the late nite feelin right
Lookin tryin to spot somethin real nice
Looking for a lil shorty I noticed
So that I can take home
(I can take home)
She can be 18 18 wit a attitude
Or 19 kinda snotty actin real rude
But as long as you a thicky thicky thick
Girl you know that its on
(you know that its on)
I peep somethin comin towards me on the dance floor
Sexy and real slow (hey)
Sayin' she was peepin and I dig the last video
So when nelly can we go?
How could I tell her no
Her measurements was 36 25 34 {feel it)
I like the way you brush your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
I like the way the light hit the ice and glare
And I can see you boo from way over there

Compositor: Nelly, El DeBarge, William DeBarge, Jason "Jay E" Epperson Etterlene Jordan, Eugene Webb

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