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Look In The Sky

Glass Harp

And if you hear the wind blow,
The breeze can catch your eye,
And if you feel the sunlight straight from the sky,
Yeah, look in the sky you're under,
So many good things there lie ahead.
Yeah, look in the sky with wonder,
And hear what I said.

Your days will be filled with gladness
And many more things to come your way,
Away from the noise and madness,
All you have to do is pray.

And thank the Lord for everything,
But more than that,
Believe in His word.
And you will find peace and happiness,
Right out your front door.

Well, you need to be yourself,
And you need your self-keeping.
You need to be yourself,
So stop your weary weeping.

Some people, somewhere in this town around
Don't know what's right and what's wrong,
Are they lonely?

Stopping everywhere, doesn't have a care
Can't see the light, and they dare.
Are they lonely, they're lonely.

You looked in the sky with wonder,
And you can rest your head and sleep.
Wake up to the lightening and thunder,
You don't have to weep

Compositor: Phil Keaggy

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