Glass Animals


Glass Animals

So I've been gazing at the stars for a minute
Never could connect the constellations
But I liked the way they all kinda shimmer
City light, pollution's in the vaults, not waiting
In black coals, strips walls in the matrix
Leave me an enigma, food for thought, I'm the top chef
And in the box lost profit
Speak to the cosmos before thoughts process

Run a little cold today, I wanna take a chance
Wanna sip the smog air, can't get in the sand
I said I told you so but you just gonna cry
You just want it all, those peanut butter highs

Pray, pray, I can't, I can't pray
Pray, pray, I'm not falling again

Meaning's my end language
State super beings under trees of the land and space
See the sharks in the distance, watch me swim in their direction
Archbishop of the new world, curled and the best found
Pearls in the wreckage, found them
Run a thousand ships to arm the armada
Garments aren't posture slick
Onyx and jade weapons in cold breast plate
Blessed with the crest wind, then go

Arrive cold close
Let me show you everything I know
Jungle slang
Hit it while my head is out there

Oh, my, all soar
This is ain't going to war
I might think it works
Now just stay this way
I can't get this place
So I can't get this way
I just wanna go where I can't get so strange

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