Give Zombies the Vote

The beauty from the Fugue
Exiled to the plane we're living in today
Gathering her followers to attain her sweet revenge

Harnessing the Menstruum
Gathering souls one by one
Insanity her prophecy

This world surrounds us with boundless mystery
Transfixed by illusion the weave we'll never see
These hidden places lie between the light
Protectors of the unseen realm
Clashing with her might

She killed her sisters
While still in the womb
Umbilical created noose
She made her mind their tomb

Summoning the beasts
The likes we've never seen
Using souls of those she killed
To create this horrid scene
Half aborted creatures brood
Behold the rapture

Vengeance never ending
No foes left standing
Enchantrix of necromancy

Release the Rake
Upon the human kind
Destroy all within your way
Until the Fugue is mine

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