Cross Me Over

Give Zombies the Vote

Spawn from the aether realm
Take me
Make me what you are
This world is changing ever fast
I fear this place is not for me
I can't live for harmony
I'll take thy name
All of me

Cross me over
Show me dark ways
Ritual blacken and harden me
I'll sacrifice this physical
Another dimension

This existence
Has come to an end
To those of earth
Plague me
Engrave me with words
Let my flesh become your parchment
Enrich me
The infinite
Welcome me
Create what I'll be

Transfers begun
Pulsating bloodshot eyes
Hands on the lids and abide
Extract them consume them savagely
Where we're going I don't need to see
Mind starts to wander
Question my own demise
In what way will I survive?

Free me from my mind

Bring forth the creatures
Drive a man insane
One look will melt their brains
Powers give unto me
Transfer of knowledge

Decrepit bowel of hell
Only way to describe
Fires burn to melt the flesh
Pain suffering is derived

What I prayed for
Endless suffering
This is torture

This choice was my mistake
Dream and nightmare collide
Entrails are scattered torn
From bodies still alive

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