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Saved By Love

Giuntini Project

On the street there’s a shadow, of a broken man
There’s a child and a baby,with outstretched hands
You need no lights to guide you
Just the light of your heart
There’s years of hurt inside us
And fear for a world thats falling apart

Praying , we search these open skies
The world cries on
Heaven seems further from our eyes
It’s been too long

when the rain is falling
hold me close, don’t want you to see me cry
I hear your heartbeat calling
Saved by love
Safe in your arms to-night

Going through the motions, never touching ground
In the past we see our reflection,
Cry a tear for a world that we never found.

And somewhere, abandoned children die
The world cries on
Oh, why are we forever asking why
It’s been too long

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