Giuntini Project

Cross the land and watch the sky, darkness is the reason why,
The spark of life is taken away.
In the name of God the sun, They sacrifice their very souls,
To keep the Darkness away.

They never ask they never try, to understand or reason why,
They only know that someone must die.
Gathered at the temple steps, where so many bled to death,
before they hear the masses cry.

Sacrifice, why do we have to Sacrifice?

Somewhere in their evil minds, they must know it isnt right.
But no one ever dares to cry out.
Another day another soul, sacrificed to save us all,
Surely they can hear them shout.

Sacrifice, for God sake please dont sacrifice?
Sacrifice, give back our souls.

Its killing me to see them cry, watch them all slowly die,
unneccessary pain and death, can you tell me when will it end?

Sacrifice, for God sake please dont sacrifice, no,
Sacrifice, why do we have to sacrifice.

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