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Letters Form The Dead

Giuntini Project

We breath the darkness and we dream of Evil and,
We fight the fear that's running through our veins.
We kill, to save ourselves and still we hate ourselves,
There must be someone else who guides our hands.

We make a circle, and we wake the spirits and,
We ask forgiveness from the underworld,
The words are spoken, it's too late, we can't ignore them,
Now, we know that Satan looks our way.

Once and for all it's started, Heaven and Earth have parted.

World is crying, time is dying, Satan raises Hell,
Eyes are blinded, desecrated, senses serve you well,
Faith demanded, take for granted, Heaven at an end?
Someone's sending words of warning,
Letters from the dead.

We laugh, we disbelieve, we'll stand in darkness and,
we'll wish, we'd listened to the spirit world,
He stands, before us, smiling, turns toward us, reaching,
Out, he'll take away our very soul.

Turned upside down it's worthless, Heaven and Earth beneath us.


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