Giuntini Project

Once there were mountains,
Once there was rain,
Once there were people,
Once had a brain,
Once there was kindness,
Once there was good,
Now there is nothing where something once stood.

Gone are the flowers,
Gone are the trees,
Gone are the animals, birds and the bees,
Gone is the laughter,
You shouldn't laugh,
And I shouldn't stand here, right in his path.

Cyber Christ, Cyber Christ,
He thinks he's good, he thinks he's right,
Cyber Christ, Cyber Christ
He thinks he's God, controlling life,
Cyber Christ oh Cyber Christ.

Inside computers,
Inside machines,
Inside where everything's sterile and clean,
No one can touch him,
He can't be killed,
Humans are useless who's blood can be spilled.

No one to fight him,
Mankind has gone,
Cyber Christ left there all on his own,
Puts back the mountains,
Birds and the trees,
All there is left is Cyber Space dreams.

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