Girls' Generation

The Boys

In your cellphone, it's full of guys' names
On your tweets, it's full of guys
I don't know why but I must act calm
Because I'm the strongest man out of all the guys you know
What? Again? While pretending like I'm not listening
I'm paying full attention to your phone call
One More Night Out
Where are you going again?
With your cute way of speaking and lovely voice


When you pass by, guys turn around
When you smile, they all look bewitched
I don't know why but I have to stay nervous
Cause you're a girl who is so beautiful and stunning
What? Again? While acting not
Everyone is paying attention to your short skirt
But you say you like it the best
The short skirt that only looks good on you
I trust you, I'm the only love for you
And that you only want me but
Remember, guy are all the same
You don't know very well


No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
You Never Know
Oh Oh Oh Oh
No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
Don't Trust That Boy Oh Oh Oh Oh

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