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Too Long (Unreleased)

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I've been outside my window looking in for a change, And what I've seen let me tell you, Isn't the least bit strange, My landlady she puts her head into my room, Her nose must be as long as the handle of a broom, But you, you amaze me when you suddenly show up, Protesting your innocence and proclaiming your love, But it's been too long, since you went away, Too long, you know there's no chance you staying, Too long, baby, but you should know that, After seven whole years you still want me back, It's been too long baby, take my advice, You can walk out on me once but you can't do it twice, If life is what you make it then you'll have to agree, In my life I've had more that I a lifetime's misery, It's not that I'm complaining, you know I wouldn't do that, But in our firm when there's trouble, it's me who gets the sack, But you, you amaze me with your big blue eyes, You thought me seeing you would be nice surprise, But it's been too long, too long since you went away, Too long, can't you hear what I'm saying, To

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