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Looking (At Tale Of Two Meanings)

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I'm looking for a man who knows how to finish
Better than to begin
I'm looking for a girl whose age is Virginia
Name around seventeen
I'm looking for a tie that won't get knotted
One that will not be four making five
On I've a reason you see
That's good. tell me where's the door

I like to think it's time I stopped interfering
In peoples private lives
I like to think the bits I find fascinating
Ought to decrease in size
I like to think but then you tell me who doesn't
And I'll tell you a tale/tail
Is the part you start with when you begin
Or brush If your dog's on sale

I like to think but then you tell me who doesn't
And I'll tell you a sale
Is the time you find out everything's cheap
Only prices remain unchanged

I'm wondering If the girl I married this morning
Wants us to get divorced
I'm wondering If the child we both plan on having
Shouldn't be ordered first
I'm wondering If the pain I have In my left leg
isn't just In my head
Which Is fine. don't mind as long as I'm here

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