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I Remember Once

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I remember once as a boy of nine
My sister eating glass
Though she thought it strange
For a glucose fruit
She enjoyed the taste it had

Having lived with you over seven years
It's amazing looking back
At the time our parents were of the view
Outside marriage it would never last
Now my parents they were
Divorced last year
And yours are separating soon
If they'd spent less time picking holes in us
Maybe they might not have been doomed

I remember once, as a child at school
My teacher calling me
And it, wasn't `Raymond, step forward please`
It was `O'Sullivan, come here'
Now at school they teach you to be polite
But as far as I am concerned
If the ones who teach you
Don't know themselves
How on earth are we supposed to learn

You might remember, just a few years back
Man's first footprints on the moon
Who'd have thought that after
Such a giant step
It would mean so little so soon
Mean so little so soon

If you go outside for a breath or air
And you start by breathing in
When you feel it's done you a power of good
It could have done more damage than you'd think
For the air we breath may be all that's ours
But you mustn't be fooled by space
At the rate we're going we'll all be dead
Breathing in our very own waste

Its amazing really, let me explain
But the thought of ending up dust
Is a clear reminder to those who feel

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