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Hold On To What You've Got

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I've been over and I've been under
Been through all kinds of hell
Trouble was not only my middle name
It was my first as well
Through the years all I've encountered
I've lust one thing to say
Hold on to what you got
And don't let it slip away

I've been taken for far more rides
To places I've never been,
Stabbed so many times in the back
I so longer feel a thing
Ask me what all this has taught me
And I'll tell you what I'll say
Hold on ...
Save it for a rainy day
And keep a watchful eye on anyone that tells you lies
See that it's true
You get what your entitled to

I was brought up same as you were
No different and no worse
You could be sure my mother would hit me
If I tampered with her purse

All my life has been a lesson
The most Important to date
Hold on to what you got

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