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Having Said That

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I think love is just a load of crap
But having said that
If you'd love me the way that I love you
I'd take it all back

I don't give a dam about you now
And I'm not being sour
There's plenty more of you where I come from
On the hour
Every hour

And I don't suppose you'd consider
Accompanying me out to dinner
Found this really cute little French place
The food they tell me is Greek
I'll understand please forgive me
What's his name is it Dave
Does he take you everywhere
I'll bet
He's lousy in bed
Not like me

Oh I think women are completely daft
But having said that
How many of them do you ever hear
Get a heart attack
And having said that

Don't come running after me again
I'm not your friend
Liked you once about a week ago
But that was then
Never again

Of all the women I've loved
You're the first to make blood boil
All the others they would of course
Make it bleed
I don't know how to thank you enough
Can't stand the sight of blood
You see

You mean nothing to me anymore
So now you know
I had been thinking that for quite some time
I'd let you go
So now you know

And don't think that I don't men this
Whatever we had between us
Is to the best of my knowledge
Now a thing of the past
But then again if you came up
With nothing on but your make-up
Possibilities are
Out if the kindness of my heart
I might
For tonight

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