Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gordon Bennett

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gordon Bennett Suddenly I've just remembered
left my suitcase unattended
Gordon Bennett

If I don't get back fairly quick
there won't be nothing left of it
Gordon Bennett

It takes a lot to make me cry
but given that I do flied it herd

Crying we associate with women mostly
after all they are the weaker sex
me as men must never let our weakness show

I crossed the road I heard a skid
I looked around and when I did
Gordon Bennett

A car no bigger than a van
careered into a baby's pram
Gordon Bennett

At least the child it wasn't there
imagine if it was I swear I would
have gone berserk

Even in an accident
with ma where children are concerned
can't hear to see them hurt
it's a fate they don't deserve
at least not yet
maybe when they're old enough to defend themselves

Gordon Bennett
what's the use pretending you have lost your shoes
when you can't find your feat
seems to me they should be there
this morning when you looked they were
perhaps they're being discreet
have another look and see
I think you'll find they were where
you though they weren't all the time

Am I doing something wrong
you mean to say you're not turned on
Gordon Bennett

Maybe God is telling me
that I should have become a priest
Gordon Bennett

Luck is such a powerful force
without it history would of course
have changed dramatically

All the time you're knocking life
you wouldn't be without it right
then say so demo it speak

One of the troubles with free speech put on a box
there's so much you went to say

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