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Forever Wondering

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I woke up late this morning
that's the second lime this week
if my boss finds out I'm late again
he's sure to make me leave
is there no end to my worries
I'm forever wondering

My girlfriend's name is Susan
we got engaged last march
was killed while getting off a bus
at the top of marble arch
what did she do to deserve this
I'm forever wondering

Let me say that right away
whatever you might think
I am not about to lose my mind
although I might feel that way inclined
I'm not the type, no head for heights

You think you got your troubles
well just take a look at mine
must be the first pedestrian
to receive a parking fine
is there no-end to my worries
I'm forever wondering

How can you sit there and say things like
boy you're looking good
when I feel like something the cat brought in
not that I don't like cats why think
yours would look great on a curry plate

I've got this slight infection
thought was in my head
when I asked my doctor what it was
he said " I don't know myself"
is there no end to my worries

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