Gilbert O'Sullivan

Con Lab Lib

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Well I've been trying to make a living
working eight hours a day
But despite the overtime
what I take home is
a disgrace
Still old con-lab-lib still
Keeps coming round
Looking for support

I've got a car that doesn't go
A baby that won't stop crying
And a wife that works so hard
She can't afford a lie-in
Still old con-lab-lib keeps coming round
Look for support

Who the hell does he think he is
Telling us the way that we should live
While he's out dining A La Carte
We're back to war like
Back to war like rationing parts

He says he doesn't really care if we are
for against him
Cause he knows in the long run
We are bound to elect him
Still old con-lab-lib keeps coming round
looking for support

I've never seen anybody that could lie with

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