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Can't Get Enough Of You

Gilbert O'Sullivan

There's nothing in the world that I'd like more Than to be left standing outside your door Where perhaps I might be, asked to come in. There I could very easily demonstrate What now appears to be my fate You see I'm hooked on something And it's not heroin Oh, I just can't get enough of you No I can't get enough, what am -I gonna do I've tried every trick in the book that's going Now I've decided that they're not worth knowing My predicament is as simple as this I'm not satisfied and the reason is I just can't get enough of you. My experience of life so far Has been to say the least not the least bizarre I mean I work for a living, 8 hours a day I don't smoke or drink except for a little wine The friends that I have are the genuine kind I think I'm fairly rational in a moderate way. Yet I can't get enough of you No I can't get enough, what am I gonna do I've had other woman but they don't move me You're the only one that can see right through me What you've got I can't explain Other than to tell you I have one

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