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A Friend of Mine

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Good morning Mary Ann
And how are you upon this bright
And sunny morning
I hear your brother Ted
Got caught for speeding
But was let off with a warning
I hope he's learnt his lesson
And the next time he goes out will drive with care
It doesn't pay to drive too fast
All it does is make your life last shorter
I know you won't believe this
But it happens to be true
I am a loner
My only real companion is dog I'm very fond of
His name's Homer
He follows me wherever I go
And of course I do my best to feed him
It's not the easiest of tasks
When you consider unlike cats
They're broader
Do what you want to within reason
But-remember take your time
Nothing stops for those
Who can't afford to wait
The best advice that I can give you
Is to hold on to your head
And as long as you are good and kind
You'll always be a friend of mine
And it's true to say that a good fiend is hard to find
But I'd like to think that you were
A friend of mine
Good morning, Sarah Jane
And how are you today
Tell me is that your mother
She looks a lot like you
Though come to think of it
You look like one another
It's funny how with likenesses
Most people have a difference of opinion
They said that I was like my dad
Now they say that I'm just like his daughter

You'll always be a friend of mine
As long as you are good and kind
You'll always be a friend of mine
A friend in need is a friend indeed

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