Gil Scott-Heron

We'd like to do a poem, that was inspired by a still life in the subway
That was a commercial for a movie called "The Green Slime"
And we call this poem 'Omen'

A giant eye zapped across the screen
With tentacle-type, feeler-type, thin-roots
Reaching for someone, maybe me
With large, black, block, letters
Chiseled into the white, around the pupils screaming
R. E. V. O. L. U. T. I. O. N
And as the eye, giant and green
Sort of oozed with no obvious locomotion
Closer and closer
Until it was like this on my screen
It split and blood flowed down each side of the street
Washing away things that we didn't need to see
Just like beer cans, peanut shells and copies of the daily news
And then, laying there, bleeding like a stuck pig
Was a stuck pig

Get the point?

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