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Angola, Louisiana

Gil Scott-Heron

I've been painted a picture of Angola, Louisiana
pictures of deals in back alleys where politicians often hide
But is's much more important to me than Angola, Louisiana
It's got a lot to do with justice but more with Gary Tyler's life
I got a letter from his mother that said,
"Please! Say somethin' to my son."
But Angola, Louisiana, you're the one.

I ain't never been nowhere near Angola, Louisiana.
It's down in St. Charles Parrish where the sun won't go alone.
But injustice is not confined to Angola, Louisiana.
It can walk right up in your livin' room
as long as it surrounds your home.
And I send love to brother Tyler, but after all is said and done;
Angola, Louisiana, you're the one.

I can't tell a man not to defend himself,
not at this late stage.
I can't tell a man he got no rights, nowhere,
not in this day and age.
This song may not reach a whole lot of people
persuaded by the truth,
but take a look at what's goin' on
'cause it could happen to you.

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