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Henny in my veins I'm lit
Puffin on a wood tip black wit
No way to get back to the way shit been
I am alive yet I can't seem to live
Black mage on a bit of cocaine
Then I ate a eighth in spokane
Trippin like I got one shoe string
And the other tied in a noose

Don't speak
Talk is cheap
Tie you up and make you leak
Blood all up on your sheets
You wished and now you receive

Lie in the way of me you might see
Skinny mothafucka remove all of your teeth
Use em for voodoo while you're fast asleep
In your

I don't wanna get up
Everybody gotta washed up brain
Utter me a seance
Bring a deity to his knees
When you utter my name

Fuck fame I just wanna
Put your career in the grave
Knock knock knockin on wood with a hammer
And a metal nail sealing your box up
So you won't escape
I'm in the darkest of places
With nowhere to go but down

Question everything and never think
That anyone got your back
What a bright light in the sky
You call it god and I call it a lie

I see the way you watch me
You wish that I would
Just summon a daemon to take you away
I've learned to love misery
Even in the blackest abyss you can find me
And watch me decay

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