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Who's on the Panel?


I've been around ages (Rider)
In and out pages
If your talking top ten MCs
And I ain't mentioned
Its outrageous
I was like who's on the panel
And everyone said familiar faces

Logan, Hattie Collins, Chantelle Fiddy
I dont rate them
Ras Kwame, Donatella, Stanza, JP
Everybody will feel the bars of my hatred
You can't get away
You can't escape this
But hold tight Charlie Sloth
Cause I heard he was repping this ting like a patron
Everybody knows that I be the best MC
What the fuck I shouldn't have to say this
And when it comes to bars
Im like Frank Gallagher from Shameless
Been through too many
Who's ready?
Yesterday I tweeted so much that my phone froze
Now I need a new berry
But right now I hate MTV so much
Let's just say I need a new Telly

Who's on the panel? I'm the best MC
When it comes to a CD, show or battle
Somebody tell them I run this ting (repeats)

Even if it's not been said
Not one of you MC's are better than Ghetts
I got the right to be vexed
If it weren't for me, you wouldn't know who P Money was
As for D Double E
He ain't done shit but light up a set
I deserve an apology
Let's talk about my disography
2000 and life, ghetto gospel, freedom of speech
Come on now obviously
Theyre worth more than a west end property
Then I released an EP
On Christmas day
For free
Still it was quality
And I like pro green
(I do)
But when I paid for his album
Two words, Daylight robbery!
Lowkey must have had someone on the inside
Yeah thats it, obviously
Devlin, number 7
Shoulda been top 2
(what is it ghetts?)

Its an oddity
(and when something like that happens?) whats my policy?
If I dont like something ill speak up
I push the buttons in the scene blud
Like what about kane?
What about Wretch?
What about Scorch?
What about Ghetts?
What about JME?
What about Grim?
What about Dot?
They forgot about him

Hold tight Giggs
Hold tight Devs
Hold tight Chip
An hold tight Skeps
Hold tight Tinie
Hold tight Diz
All six deserve that shit
And now I know what your thinking
Theres only room for four more well
I've got to be one of them
Number one
Cause I beat all and every one of them
I'm the one, under none
In fact let the chorus come again

Who's on the panel? I'm the best MC When it comes to a
CD, show or battle
Somebody tell them I run this ting (repeats)

The shit that ive done for this scene
Oh my goodness me
How dare they drill?
You know what im like
Oi let the beat run for a minute
D'you know how fucked I am?
Look at that
Come studio, lick out a whole tune they
put D Double over me fam? Yeah he's

Nang in a ravebut he's been in the game since 2000
And they gave you a disc
you put P Money over Ghetts, are you sick?
Your goin crazy lowkey joint with Chip, madness!
Pro Green before Devlin, crazy!
Dont fucking get me upset
Hold tight the rest though
Cause you know what?
Me, I ain't a hater
I knew man had put it down this year
Last year
Year before
And I love that

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