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The Cypher (Feat. Ghetto & J. Clarke)


[Verse 1: Ghetto]
Once again I'm on a hype ting
Dive in the deep end smiling
Throwing up signs a the east end whiling
Back like I never been away
I been telling my fans for a while I would leave them silent
Back like I never been
Back like I never been
Back like I never been away
I ain't one a these mc that these mc's
could ever mc and intimidate
I eliminate anybody in the game
Open 'em up like minute maid
I deliver pain like pain be the middle name
Rain on niggers with a little fame
Every one a my lyrics
Never come with a gimmick
I'm back now
I tell a bredda his run is finished
Don't know about ghetto I'm hearing talk about ghetto
Man a saying that ghetto fell off
Fell off what
Do I sound like I fell off dog
Fell off who fell off not
Anybody you rate fuck them
Ain't got nothing on Ghetto, Ghetts or Justin
I already told you niggers
when its comes to bars
I am a certified drunken Man a like 'where's Ghetts been'
Yeah there's a lot a new mc's coming up
But something inside me will never let me accept them
I'm guessing I'm a veteran
Who stepping in my section
Man a man a rebel I'm against them
Whole another level a connections
Man a got the metal did a mention
9s mac 10s 38s
Oh what a venomous selection
Go ahead violate
Who you know will never be an exception
Ama wrongan
And I will never settle for correction
Oh bredda stop begging attention
I would never beg for nothing
but I would give and arm and leg for redemption
I just wanna do good
Because that's nothing to do with the devil intentions
Cursed by satan and bless by god
Live and let die rep thy block
Niggers better gimme the respect I want
There's no love for me in the ends I'm from
I demand it regardless
still come through on the R6 retarded
Dumb stunting old friends looking in my bolt hating
And it still hasn't sunk in

[Verse 2: J Clarke]
I try and live righteous
You no praise god
Eat well train hard
Me fail to raise bars
Nah I do it in and out a the gym
Like it be the same craft
I just want make my parents proud
When I was young I was well look after
I'm looking out for my parents now
Hear me out
I been through so much
But somebody somewhere would love living my life
So there ain't no tears allowed
I'm so use to the sun not shining
I'm prepared for clouds
What ever the weather whether I'm heavily pressured or not
I'm feeling better than ever before
This is Jay Clarke from ghetto gospel
The fans know they've met him before

[Verse 3: Ghetto]
I got that look in my eye again
Who's Ghetts I be the risky roads guy again
If another mc says there the best in front of me
I tell an mc don't lie again
What blood personal and up close
Cut throat blade under ya neck like a violin
All these mc's want is a wheel
Well I'll 4 by 4 drive Michelin tyre them
Nah you don't want it with that Westwood, Ghetts
Stoney on my head top mc ganging up
spin em all over on Westwood set
I been away for a year
You can have the new wave for a year
The new line up I left should rep
I've already paid my dues
There ain't a page in my cheque book left

[Verse 4: Ghetts]
Back for the throne
The same throne I naturally own
Let em no I'm in a actual zone
No pad just bars in a blackberry phone
It's way more practical though
I wanna strangle a throat
When they say that I spit to fast
All because there brains can not handle the flo
I be do everything you can't
I can make another artist cancel his show
I got the power dismantle the Effiel tower
None of you could ever call me a coward
Remember me swinging it out
on Logan with Skepta, JME and will
now it's like your memory could only go back one hour
Sho, shower
Now I bet they all wan fe no how I
Came back when the odds
where against me no sale by date never once went sour

[Verse 5: J Clarke]
Get money get gal
You watch face you won't excel
I don't care what a next mans doing or a done
In fact I pray for my enemies
I wish all my friends well
Every day I try and make sure my money
and times bin spent well
Came home after a meeting I had
How did it go it went well
Progress sometimes you got a protest
when your going the process a being over looked
Like you ain't a pro yet
See me I keeps it profesh
On time money up front
Any problems we resolve em like grown men

[Verse 6: Ghetto]
Top 3 dead or a live no debate
Me and you in the same league what
Nah nah nah nah nah we ain't
Don't try talk to me I don't wanna liaise
I wouldn't even do a song with you for the money
cos I wouldn't wanna see your face at the pas
Gh I can't behave
I wanna create another empire full a technical spitter's
Exceptional lyrics
Air bending against all physics
This is destiny's wishes
More substance less a the gimmicks
Best a the british full clip a 16s
And I'll lick down anybodies embassy with it
Send for me send for me send for me init
Write a 64 and mention me init
I don't care about you
But I'll address it whenever I be around you
1 slap 2 slap 3 slap 4
A slap for everytime you mouth moves

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