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Ronnie Thunder Says Fuhgettaboutit

Get Your Guns

We Take Control
We Find The Words To Wake Up
We Take Control
United Side By Side, Then Torn Apart At The Seams
Avenging Agony, At The Gates of a Crimson Hell
We've Got Stampedes, We've Got What You Need!
Taken Apart, Taken Afar, They've Taken Gold
That Precious Gold
They Pull The Trigger Fast, They Took His Memory.
These Seams Will Tear Apart, In The Wake of a City Burning,
A City Burning Down
Taken Apart, Taken Afar, Taken Gold, Precious Gold
Why Not Just Let Us Go, In The Signing of the Peace
Take a Swallow on The Floor, Take it Away, Take it Away
Drink The Bottle All The Way, and We'll Find Words To Wake Up, and
We Take Control, We Find Words To Wake Up
Swallow The Poison Down
Take A Swallow
Drink All The Poison Down

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