Take Slow

Georgia Brown

The Renascence Of Soul

Baby I´m thinking in love about you
You think in love about me

This love is only one
And makes me feel flame inside
I don't know
Wuz happenin'
We juss gotta let it flow
It is a cool feeling
My head say go slow
But my heart say yeah!

Baby I´m thinking in love about you
You think in love about me
I'm so excited to be with you
You need somebody like me

You thought that I should have know
To read your mind
You've gotta take slow
Cuz maybe I'm fragile kind of girl
I'm so deeply diving on the spittle of our first kiss
And when I felt you I held your hand
And I told myself that you are my man

Life of suprises
I'm beging u love don't fly away
Life... Don't kill me softly
So lovely I'll go crazy


And wherever we were I knew that should be so special
Oh! God knows I could fell you
He wrote our names
And when we saw each other we found the true love
Yeah! I should have done so many good things
And for merit God brought you to my life
For all the graces cames from God you are the biggest

Together we will be in this world
Just me and you

Somehow your lips stole all my words
You want catch me
And I can't stop lovin' you
You make me lose myself control
Baby I'm in love with you
I am in love with you
And I promise never end
I´m your bird who fly and sing in the sky
Is this dream and am I sleeping in your arms?


You juss gotta let it flow...
Flying so high
Juss say good night
Never good bye

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