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Place In Your Heart

Georgia Brown

The Renascence Of Soul

You don't need to hurt yourself and live trying so hard to set you free
Just believe in love and when two hearts became one
Don't you think that I am strong enough?
To live fighting to prove you
That I'm able to keep you from all the pain

Baby I miss you Let me kiss you sweetly
I just wanna forget it all
Take my hand
Call my name
I'll lead you
And keep you always by my side
You and I
You know why how much I care?
When you cry you know your tears are mine
And when you're happy, I am fine


Ooh! There's Nuthin' better then the morning after and see we're not alone
Ooh! Do you remember of our hearts so empty desperate for love
Anyway, anywhere, anytime u can be sure that
Every breath u take I´ll be watchin' u

Though I tried before to tell u something
But there's so many things to say
Now I realized since I meet you I understood
And there's nothin' you can hide
I can read your mind
And I feel the same things you feel inside you

Baby I love you
Let me touch you slowly
I am lost in your eyes
U took me
In to your arms carefully
I love the way u look at me
Like I fire I feel desire
Rescue me, oh please
I am deeply falling in love to you
I was born when I found you


I was not afraid to risk our lives because of love
Because you know our love is above all
Don't look behind just look inside ourself
You are inside me
I am inside you
This is our destiny
One body, one soul, one heart...
I can't go on without this love
This is so necessary and to live baby you know
Baby we know, I know
Forever and ever
And every breath you take I'll be watching you

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