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Love 4 Real

Georgia Brown

Me & Myself - EP

Not for a minute I thought that I could be without you
Without your love I can feel my heart become blue
When you look at me those eyes says you have no choice
So anything I do I just wanna hear your voice

I never imagined that I would be in love again
You came and showed me that I can find my own
The feeling that I feel it you made me understand
That now there ain't nobody better

Oh! Your love is so real
You got me feelin' so high
Oh! Your love is for real

Oh, oh, oh, oh...

On and on, on and on
I wish you, I want you, I need you so
Kiss me and take my bReath away...

On and on, on and on
I'm lovin' you, touchin' you, slow and down
Hold me and take me far away...

Compositor: Georgia Brown / Mario Marafanti

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