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I'm Dangerous

Georgia Brown

The Renascence Of Soul

Look at to my face cuz I'm talking to you
This way they can be think
That u still are my bull

I'm dangerous
I'm so dangerous

How so? You luck wit her
You go now I know
Let me understand
Because she even goes there

You say that miss me a couple of times to feel my lips
I'm listening as if I'd swear haven't seen all what you did
You let me go crazy and I know I can't sleep
My thought in moments but by your side it wasn't me
U got me claim to make your blood run cold
A man so special you think you are to get some girls
Is better you don't be extending nigga I got my view and thought
And my nigga I won't think about the things I got me wrapped up

I'm dangerous
Are you so scare of what
I can do it to ya?
You're cynical
I'm talking about
My blood is up
My vein is hot
I'll kill you off

I want a hi fi relation baby
I like to conversation baby
Your game is coming over twee
I say because my baby
I'm dangerous
So dangerous
I'm dangerous
I'm so dangerous

Wuz up? It was good to you?
Do you come? No you don't
Wuz wrong? You're down wit her
Why don't she never come back?

I don't was born to share my bull with a crazy hitch
Listen and be quiet your fucking clown or I give u a hit
You let me know easy how many girls with you climb
And now one is around you can be sure that I will see
Your house is a sex club full of party girls
With your click you can move one and then she comes
You got them staying inside your car, undressing clothes
Son of a hitch I'm pissed off hit but I'm sorry I gotta go

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