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Best Friend

Georgia Brown

The Renascence Of Soul

Ain't nobody
Who knows me better then u?
God! Who knows me better then u?
You are my friend
You never let me give up
When I messed up
You forgive me cuz you know my heart and soul
You didn't let me go

Read in the paper, in another day
About a preacher whom fell from grace
He'd begged the church for another chance
And he realized that he'd made a mistake
And some folks left the church and said
Now see he's just the same man that prayed for them before
And heared ypur problems when you told him my man

God is not devil
He don't gives it to u once and after take it back twice
But I know he's feithful
And you know
He forgives you after you've done wrong

God is not like devil
He don't gives it to u once and after take it back twice


Now, it's easy to point the finger
when the spotlights not on you, well
And all you need to try is to show a little mercy
That rains on you, ooh!
And if you find a brother in need or somebody else ooh, ooh
You would bring your food to a friend
Even knowing your morning after

Never [you'll never, never]
No, never [no, never, no]
Never let me fall [never let, never let me fall]
When I need you [when I need]
I can call you
Call you, God

When I gave up
He didn't let me go
When I messed up
He didn't give up on me, yeah, yeah...

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