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It's Alright With Me

George Strait

It's alright with me, if it's alright with you
It's alright I know your love will see me through
When the car won't start, the rain won't stop
And all of the bills are due
It's alright with me, if it's alright with you

Well, the boss-man rides me all week long
And it's all that I can take
I work each day 'til the sun is gone
And no time for a break
But when I get home, you rub my back
And tell me I'm your man
With a little love, I get back on track
And do it all over again


No matter what life throws at me
I've got the other hand
'Cause nothing else can set me free
The way your lovin' can
If I lived in a shack out in the woods
And never seen me blue
I'd just throw another log in the old wood stove
And make sweet love to you


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