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If You Ain't Lovin' (you Ain't Livin')

George Strait

50 Number Ones

If you got a cadillac boy
And a 40 room shack boy
A bucket full of money
And a tree full of honey
But if your gettin no huggin
No smoochin or a muggin
If you aint lovin
Than you aint livin
If you're ridin on a gravy train
Instead of walkin' down lover's lane
You cant make hay boy
Cause your goin the wrong way boy
You gotta get a little honey
Its better than money
If you aint lovin'
Than you aint livin'
If they call you a big man
Cause you got a lot of bottom land
If youre kin to the president
And ya get help from the government
But if your gettin no attention
Youre better off on a pension
If you aint lovin';
Than you aint livin'
If you got a string of long cards
And your smokin them four-bit cigars
You aint so well to do
Unless you get a little coochy-coo
It takes a little bit of smackin
Or your lifes lackin
If you ain't lovin
Than you ain't livin

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