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House Across The Bay

George Strait

Walkin’ down this lonely stretch of beach
She and I walked down a thousand times
I just can force myself to give her up
Like all the things she left behind
Gone are the days, when I'd way up
With her body next to mine.

It gets cold here in the winter time
And my mind drifts away
To that house across the bay
A long talk and a glass of wine
And we’d love the night away
But that was yesterday
In that house across the bay.

Her laughter was contagious
Her walk, her talk, her smile,
Lit up every room.
They say things happen for a reason,
But I can’t find one good reason
Why she’s gone so soon.
Life just seems to hang
On every thought and everything we used to be.

There was sunshine everyday
And we’d love the night away,
In that house across the bay.

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