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Arkansas Dave

George Strait

He rode up on a winter day
Steam risin' off a streak faced bay
He said “you probably know my name.”
If you don't, it's Arkansas Dave

He talked of fifteen years ago
And how he got the bay he rode
He said he killed a man in Ohio
First man he killed first horse he stole

It was a long road for Arkansas Dave
He shot and left him where he lay
Said he'd never forget that winter day
He rode off on a streak faced bay

I stood up and I shook his hand
Told no one that I knew this man
Started thinking up a plan
‘Bout how I'd deal him his last hand
Didn't take him long to come unwound
He jumped up and gunned two men down
Ran outside to leave the town
But ole' bay was nowhere to be found

I head out with my .44
And when he walked back through the door
I shot till I could shoot no more
And Dave Rudabaugh fell to the floor

It was the end of the road for Arkansas Dave
I shot and left him where he lay
I'll never forget that winter day
I rode off on the streak faced bay
No I'll never forget that winter day
When I rode home on Daddy's streak face bay

by: Elvitoreo

Compositor: Bubba Strait

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