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Lovin' On Borrowed Time

George Benson

I can’t be sure, but I think our love is slipping away,
Where did it go? The passion we had yesterday?
Was it something I've done? I can’t read your mind.
Is there somebody new? Am I lovin’ on borrowed time?

You hold me close, but you seem a million miles away.
That look in your eyes, the times you've got nothing to say.
I've got to know, are you really mine?
Don't torment me: am I lovin’ on borrowed time?

Don't beat me up, that would be unkind,
Baby, tell me for real.
Is my mind playing tricks on my heart and soul,
To cause the way that I feel?

That when you kiss, the magic that once was here,
What used to rock our world, at times seems so insincere.
Is it too late to save? Have we crossed that line?
Let's not go one more day, lovin' on borrowed time.

Just tell me, girl, where your comin' from,
You can be honest with me.
Is my heart playin' tricks on my mind this time,
Through my insecurity?

You're still my love, no matter where I our road may lead.
I guess that time will tell, if you and I were meant to be.
I wouldn't change a thing, and that's the fault of mine.
Don't let me go one more day. Lovin' on borrowed time.

There's a chill wind blowin'
Lovin' on borrowed time

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