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Public Enemy

Gene Watson

Clock starts ticking away
Count the minutes you are in it till judgment day
Life spent hard on the run
Never staying. Never paying for what you've done
Lookin' at you outside you want to be clean
But your, Dirty lies like the inside of your, girlie magazines
Wanna know the reason they call me obscene?
You're gonna meet me on your color TV screen
Public enemy #1, Targets on my head better get a gun
Public Enemy #1, In the home of the brave
Public Enemy #1, Targets on your head better get a gun
Public Enemy #1, In the home of the free
Got a Virus to spread
Got you hooked breathing heavy now you see red
An urge getting ready to feed
Now that you live it there's a lesson you must heed
They got a bullseye trained on you and there's nothing that you ever can do
They got a sure shot right in low
And you won no no no no no no know
What it feels like to be like me cuz you want to be real
But you're looking into the mirror and staring back at a fiend
Wipe out you insides but you're never coming clean
Gonna make the headlines of your color TV screen

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