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Gene Watson

On this lonely bed i'm lying deep inside my mind just crying
Far away to break this hold she has on me
I wish that she would call but the phone upon the wall
Seems to turn the time into eternity

She keeps walking through my brain lord and i can't stand the strain
That face in light without her brings to mind
Hurtin' heavy hanging on realizin' that she's gone
That is only desperation that i find

Desperation has a hold upon my body and my soul
Loving her was all i had and now i lost control
Help me make it to tomorrow lord send me down your soothing word
And calm this deperation in my soul

Lord the world is filled with others who were broken hearted lovers
And i know they must have faced the night like this
Empty heart and all alone hurtin' clear down to the bone
Reeving life into a sweet remembered kiss

Life is just an endless motion yet i can't dispell the notion
That without her loving i can't make it through
Now dreaming daydreams of the past knowing i have seen the last
Of her love and there's nothing i can do

Desperation has a hold upon my body and my soul...
Help me calm this deperation in my soul

Compositor: NĂŁo Sei

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