Know I Love You

Gene Loves Jezebel

I was standing outside myself once again
Trying to find something I couldn't define
I was looking for someone
Or something to show
All of those things that
You already know
Like I love you

I was thinking of shedding
And breaking some skin
Scratching my eye balls
To find a way in
Looking for lovers
Looking for time
Looking for something
Apart from red wine
You know I love you

You should not do that no
You should not do that
Not to me, not anyone

Walking down the streets with a heavy, heavy load
Getting past strangers that don't want to know
Stealing my cars, making my time
Making some highway in my own mind
You know I love you
You know I love you

Shake it down, there

Just like Elvis - not Costello

Getting Cappucino, snake skin shows
Three maple leaves on a jacket for two
Making your highways amongst those stars
All those things that made ?_____?
You know I love you
You know I love you

By Felipe Lemos

Compositor: J. Aston

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