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Where Love Is Concerned

Gary Morris

Your lonely
She's far away
And it's too late
To call her tonight
If you'd only knew
What she'd say
But your frightened
So you go to bed
With such good
Excuses in your head

How far is too far
How high is to high
How hard is so hard
That you don't even try
How much is too much
So that you'll never learn
It's worth it all
Where love is concerned

You're at your door
Now you're staring
And it's daring you to go
But that long drive
Seems like such a chore
Maybe it's safer if you
Stay right here
Watching all your chances disappear


Waltz a high wire
Through a ragin' fire
I would never think twice
I know
You'll find reasons to stay
Never reasons to go


Oh yes it's worth it all
Where love is concerned

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