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The Light May Not Be On

Gary Morris

It's been a long time it seems
Since you left to chase your dreams
You say it's going well
But it's hard to tell from here

You say that you need more time
But I already heard that line
There's more to be done
But what about the one
That you left behind

I've been leavin' the light on for you
Just like I promised that I'd always do
So don't be gone too long
'Cause the light may not be on

I've been waiting patiently
But there's been a change in me
Am I still yours cause I'm wonderin'
If you're still mine
You follow your heart I know
Well my heart's about to go
I had a dream too
And I thought it was you
But now I'm not so sure


I've been behind you all the way
Encouraging your dreams
How was I supposed to know
They'd be takin' you from me


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