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Texas Bound

Gary Morris

Abilene ain't nothin' till the sun goes down
What I mean by the moon it's a different town
Tumbleweeds never look like they do tonight
Come to me Texas pretty let me hold you tight
Soon I'll be home
Been gone way too long this time around

San Antone has a rose and the Alamo
All alone down in Austin it's the way to go
Count down has my heart
Oh Fort Worth's where it starts
And ends tonight

Texas bound
Where there's air to breath
And miles to roam
Texas bound
And the prettiest women
I've ever known
Been to Louisiana
Had Cajun delight
Old New York
Tried the Broadway lights
The City of Angels
They ran me around
It's time for me to go
I'm Texas bound

Seventeen years old when I left this place
Everything that I seen bring me back today
All the gold still waited in Hollywood
When its old its the game even if your good
And I'm good tonight
Count downs in my sights
I'm Texas bound


Texas bound
I'm Texas bound
I'm Texas bound
Texas bound

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