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Somebody Lives There

Gary Morris

There's a house down the road
With the roof cavin' in
Where an old man rockin' on the front porch is spittin' in a tin
And the bankers think they own him
Money's late lets tear him down
But when they went to serve him papers
He was no where to be found

Somebody lives there
Somebody lives there

There's a cardboard box in an alley
Where a woman sleeps alone
She keeps her things in a plastic bag
She puts her head on a pillow of stone
And the trash man thinks he owns it
It's his job to move it away
But as he reached for those paper walls
He heard a neighbor softly say

Somebody lives there
Somebody lives there

And everybody needs a little shelter from the cold
So why not line your pockets with the truth instead of gold
Somebody lives there

There's an Indian Reservation in old New Mexico
They're losin' land to greedy hands
Now they weep because they know
That the baron's win the battles
And the case is quietly closed
Uncle Sam allows the plan
That kills the Navajo's

Somebody lives there
Somebody lives there


There's a city in a country
South of Mexico
Where the cost of life is less than the price
Of the coffee beans they grow

And the war down there means nothin'
Unless the final bomb should blow
If another race should find this place
No one would ever know

That somebody lives there
Somebody lives there


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