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Never Had A Love Song

Gary Morris

Somewhere, down deep in my heart
Guess I've known from the start
It's you

Some place, I just happen to be
When it happened to me
It's true

Sometime and I guess it's right now
I should be lettin' go
But I never learned how

Never had a love song
Especially for me
Never had a love song
That made me feel like
I could keep someone like you
From bein' all alone
Then you came along

No where, is it written down
And I've looked all around
For years
No one, that I've ever found
Said the words runnin' round
In my ears

It's no time for the faint hearted heart
Courage don't you leave me now
I've passed the hardest part


Let me hold you
Till the morning fills the sky
And when you wake again
We'll make a perfect lullabye


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