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Mama You Can't Give Me No Whippin'

Gary Morris

As a young boy my mama used to make me walk the line
But even then as now women were a weakness of mine
In grade school I was a mess
Pullin' up some little girl's dress

Teacher would send me home from school what a witch!
Mama'd say "Bad boy, go get me that switch"

Mama you cant' give me no whippin'
Just for stayin' out all night
Mama you can't give me no whippin'
I'm old enough to know wrong from right
Mama you can't turn me over your knee
It's embarrassing to a man like me
Mamma I think I've got something that the girls like
Mama I think I might have something that the girls like

I guess I was 'bout thirteen when this feeling came over me
I started learnin' how to talk the girls out of their virginity
Sneak 'em out into the light of the moon
Sneak 'em up into my bedroom
Mama'd catch us without a stitch and say
"Bad boy now get me that switch"

I remember celebratin' my eighteenth birthday
I headed out into the evening and I heard Mama say
"Boy don't cha be late"
I rolled in about 4 AM
Didn't know where I was or were I'd been
There was Mama with a belt in her hand
And I said "Hey! Mama your boy's a man!!"

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