I Do

Gary Morris

The touch of your fingers
Reminds me I'm out of control
A kiss from you lingers
forever down deep in my soul
The child in me whispered
it's safer to run
The man, he surrendered
and I still come undone

'Cause I Do
Love you with all of my heart
and I'll be true
Just like I've been from the start
Believin' is easy you will or you won't
I couldn't tell you I do if I don't
'Cause I do love you with all of my heart

You are the reason I trust in the way that I feel
You keep me believin in dreams
'Cause you made mine all real
so pick up the tempo and slow down the time
I want forever and you to be mine


I swear you'll be mine one and only
Now that I found you
My world turns around you
I'm bound to you
I love the sound of
I love you

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