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Heaven's Hell Without You

Gary Morris

I was barely twenty
She was younger still
We met in Colorado
Near a place they call Boat Hill
I was looking for California
She was looking for a ride
Our love began that day in 1969

I can see so clearly now
The nights that slipped away
The times I didn't hold you
The words I didn't say
Heaven's hell without you
But they tell me I must stay
I only wanna touch you
But the clouds get in my way

The days turned into seasons
The seasons into years
I remember the laughter
That came before the tears
We were countin' on our tomorrow's
It's so easy looking back
It ended so suddenly
The day the sky turned black


The ground began to tremble
The walls began to fall
Screams rang out like trumpets
When I heard the angels call
You left me cold
You had no choice
When they tore us apart
They kept you from dying
But they couldn't find my heart


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