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Finishing Touches

Gary Morris

Once was a woman
And once was a man
Who'd never been lovers
Just good friends

Both of them happy
With rings on their hands
But they'd dreamed of each other

So picture two people alone in a room
Together for the very first time
Candles are burnin'
Holding each other

And picture two people whose dreams have come true
They must be going out of their minds if for only a moment
Seems likes forever

Finishing touches
The canvas set to dry
Each color tells it's story
Of where and when and why
Finishing touches

Now no one can know what a love is too life
Till they have to choose one
Lose one
And no one can know what a heartache is like
Till they have to break one
Take one


Now there is a woman
And there is a man
Who used to be good friends
Now their just lovers

Their dreams of forever
Must come to an end
And stop all this madness
Some how recover

So picture two people alone in a room
Who finally have made up their minds
Oh, how the tears flow
They both know
And picture them holdin' each other real tight
Knowing it's the very last time
They gotta let go
Let go


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