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Bread And Water

Gary Morris

Seldom do I get to tell you
this moment always slips away
Lock the door cause it's time to
turn the lights down and
listen to what I say

I'm gonna tell you what you
mean to me and when
I'm done I hope you'll see

That they can take the romance
from a lovers moon
Take the warmth from a sunrise
in June, take a melody, yet
take that tune and I'd still get by
Take the magic from children's hearts
take the sounds of laughter
just leave me bread and water
and you

They can put me out on the street
take my money
take the shoes off my feet
place my head on a rock
lay me down to sleep
and I'd still get by
Take the shirt off my back if they want
leave me naked and cold if they must
but don't take my bread and water
or you

I'd give my hopes and I'd give my dreams
If they'd have to have it all
there's just three things I need

Take my pride, take my dignity
last of all take my memories
with what's left of me I'd say
with my final breath I'd pray
for bread and water
and you

And I'd tell you what I'd do
I'd give it all and more it's true
even bread and water
for you

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