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This Is My Time

Gary Barlow

Music Played By Humans (Deluxe)

If love can kill you
I'll happily die
Near something so deadly
I feel so alive
Dangerous, risky
From nought to sixty
That feeling money can't buy

If love can kill you
Then this is my time

If love can break you
I'll brace for the pain
When it's too much, inject more love
Straight into my veins
Startling, wonderful
A picture so colorful
Like poetry finding its rhyme

If love can break you
Then this is my time

Here on the edge these's only silence
Ducked the knife and dodged the bullet 'til today
I've opened up the doors
If what I feel is love
Then I want to end it all that way

If love makes you crazy
Hope I lose my mind
Just let it steal my sanity
If it ever was mine
A shining pinnacle
Of all that's impossible
The ability to take flight

If love can change you
Oh, if love can really break you
If love can kill you
Let this be my time

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